10 tips that separate the invaluable star professional from the mediocre employer

It’s the little things that matter…

1.)  Develop good happy habits to do your work thoroughly, accurately and efficiently.

Always proof work – there is no exception to this rule. No one ever does things perfectly all the time but someone that always proofs appears to do things perfectly all the time.

p1ad6ks78s3u0105k1qk31kdrh0l6Formatting should always be checked when pdf printed- no spelling or grammar errors – no math errors. The result of not doing this is if its wrong your work is junk and has zero value. Actually negative value as you were paid to do something and you did something else.

It is NOT your supervisors job to proof your work. It would be easier for her to just do it, so if you assume that is her job, stop thinking that way, it is not. It is her job to evaluate you. If you give her flawed work she has to correct she cannot give you a good evaluation.

Always….physically look at the work product you are about to turn in. Then take one last look and ask yourself, “what will my supervisor dislike about this and fix it before handing it in?” You know what pleases them and what doesn’t, they’ve said it before, don’t make them repeat themselves. This process needs to become a habit.

…Don’t waste time. Develop good habits and always follow them.  Then you will be trusted and valued by management. More opportunities will come your way as you can be trusted to do little things then bigger things will come. 

2.) Know the purpose of what you are doing.

This will result in more efficient work and alleviate unnecessary off-focused work. Strangely, as obvious as you would think that an employee should know the answer to this, often times, employees do not bother to learn the purpose of what they are doing, they just go through the motions.

3.). Ask questions if you do not understand your assignment.

Do you know and understand the purpose of your assignment? If you do not understand the purpose you do not understand the assignment and will probably do it wrong. Be sure and learn the purpose.

4.) Keep communicating your progress to your supervisor.

If not, you may be wasting time (money) in the wrong direction and your hard work will be worthless. You will also gain more knowledge and insight to align your goals with the organizational goals as a whole which always results in improved work product or team engagement.

5.) Know what value you personally contribute to the organization.

Find more ways to add value. Why should an organization provide you with opportunities instead of someone else?

6.) Keep learning and educating yourself.

Be a self learner. What industry are you in? Learn everything you can about everything you may encounter. No one can or will do this for you. More relevant knowledge sets you apart from the rest and will personally be valuable to you for the rest of your life.

No one can hold you back but yourself. Stars make themselves stars. It isn’t a passive process that happens from putting in hours.

Technology is advancing so fast just get in! If you learn what is current you are ahead of anyone that learned it in the past. If you stop learning you become a dinosaur fast.

If you are young and in an organization and are not teaching those older than you about new technologies then you are missing out on great opportunities. All companies depend on the younger hires to bring in fresh ideas and technologies. Those 40 and over never had the internet or smart phones when they were growing up. Use your advantages to help advance your organization into the technological future. And if you are in the 40 and over group keep learning and don’t get left behind. Ask questions and learn from all generations.

7.) Do you save your supervisor time or waste it? (Save it!)

Think about this one hard. Put yourself in their shoes. Do you anticipate their needs and make their life simpler or do you create more work for them? Believe it or not, you were hired to save your supervisor time and make their lives simpler so they can make better decisions and have time to manage the office. If you are not helping them and are fighting them… you are not needed.

8.) Do you respect your supervisor’s time and wisely make his or her time useful? (Respect it!)

You should pick your supervisor’s brain and learn something new from them each time there is spare time.  They too learned from someone once and will want to give back the favor. Each time you avoid learning time from them you lose a valuable opportunity to improve your skills.  They are your mentor, let them mentor you.

9.) Be assertive.

Guide your path, do not be a victim of your own lack of initiative. Keep being assertive and never find excuses for not being able to progress.

Mediocre employees have no goals other than a paycheck and an excuse for everything. Stars achieve their goals and more. Small businesses thrive with stars.

10.) Always smile and be happy and never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Your attitude is contagious. If you work in a toxic environment you’ve helped create it. Like a bag of apples, one will spoil the batch. Do not be that one.

Spread cheer and happiness… If you display you love what you do, the clients/ customers/ patients will feel it, your co-workers will feel it and the environment will be as the owners expect it. A place where the best people have been selected in order to provide the best care and service to the business’ clientele.


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