Do you like searching for Pokemon or for Fraud?

Do you like searching for Pokemon?  How could that translate to your future career?  Would you like to search for fraud?  Great internal controls help to eradicate fraud, each business owner needs to develop their internal controls in a manner that stays on the look out for the points of the famous “fraud triangle”.
Fraud occurs when the fraudster feels financial pressure, his or her organization presents an opportunity, and the person can rationalize the theft. These pressures, opportunities, and rationalizations make up the three points of the fraud triangle.
Don’t be caught in the fraud triangle. Breaking the Fraud Triangle is the key to fraud deterrence.  Removing one of the elements in the triangle in order to reduce the likelihood of fraudulent activities.  Opportunity is most directly affected by the system of internal controls.
Click this link for a more in depth article
on the fraud triangle.


Fraud-TriangleCressey Fraud Triangle (450x278)

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAgoAAAAJDUwNWJhZjhlLTIzZjAtNDU3My1hYmIyLWE3YTRhMjdiNTg1NA Pokemon – Go search for fraud!


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