Consider your client base when implementing new accounting technology: Reasons why consumers prefer paper bills and statements

As technology advances most companies are implementing online and virtual billing statements and correspondence.  Government agencies and big businesses often do not give consumers a choice and require online participation.

However, small businesses whose focus is on personalized customer service need to be more considerate of their customers needs.  This is an important consideration which maintains trust or your clients/ customers will find a different service organization that will allow them to… not change.

Some people trust old systems and prefer to keep things the way it has historically been done because that process is more efficient for them and they trust it — why fix something that isn’t broke.  They may also be too busy to change their processes to your ‘new and exciting’ technology at this time. Therefore, pay attention to your clients needs and don’t put the cart before the horse until your clients are ready.  Let them know the new technology is available and explain the benefits of the new process but allow them to decline.

As the rest of the world forces them to change, they may come around to your new process… but allow them time to come around if you want to keep them as a client.

Here is an interesting article about why consumers prefer paper bills and statements.  If you really want your clients to change consider their needs and try to match your new products to their needs.Customers still trust physical mail more for transactional communications like invoices and statements. Here are four reasons why

Source: Four reasons why consumers prefer paper bills and statements


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