Junk Mail Rant…

I’ve been away on a trip and my pile of mail is outrageous.  So as I dive into all of the garbage and bills, I had a few things I felt the need to vent or to bring up to my readers out there.

First Junk Mail annoyanceFurniture stores everywhere are trying to help you spend your income tax return this time of year.  In fact, they are making a holiday about it.

Tell me, would you give your neighbor an interest free loan for a year?  Better yet, if you are saving to buy that furniture, would you really want to give the government the money and ask them to save it for a year, interest free because you want to buy furniture and don’t trust yourself to save it so you ask them to hold it until, you get a furniture flyer letting you know it’s time to file your tax returns and to send your return their way to buy your long awaited furniture?  You do the ‘happy dance’ when the government gives you this windfall all while begrudging your employer for giving so little on your paycheck.  Then you honor the furniture companies new holiday and buy his furniture that you didn’t need because it’s free money the government gave your anyway.

Here is my advice, when your income taxes are completed this year, discuss with the person that does your taxes how to properly complete a W-4 to give your employer so that when it comes to tax day you are up or down a nominal amount so that you are not receiving back more money than you owed.  You don’t want money back  Refunds are your money that you generously decided to ask your employer to take out for you to give the government.  Yes, you gave it to the government via your instructions to your employer via W-4, all the while thinking your employer was a jerk for giving you so little money after the deductions you instructed them to take.

Please don’t do the happy dance when the government gives you a windfall check which is really just an interest free loan you gave them when you are too cheap to even loan your buddy next door $100 without charging him interest.

2nd Junk mail annoyance.  Marketers.  Are you 3 years old?  Why do you send me these elaborate packages I would only enjoy opening if I were 3 years old playing with my parents junk mail for entertainment.  Yes, I loved playing with my Mom’s junk mail and playing ‘office’ when I was a kid.  But I am not playing anymore.  I do not have children to give these cardboard contraptions to and you are killing a lot of trees in the process.  Why.  It just annoys me, I rip it open and throw it away.

This is especially true when I’ve already bought your product.  Why keep trying to get me to buy it again.  I’m a customer, leave me alone, cut back on your marketing to ME and give me a reduction in my bill for that amount.

And AARP… I will never join you.  You’ve been sending me mail since I was ten.  What a waste of money, why would I give you more money.

3rd Junk mail annoyance.  Well those are the bills and there is not much I can say about that.  It is what it is, get back to work so they can be paid.

Well, not really done here.  Why is it that some bills are always wrong.  Every month you’ve got to call someone and get a credit for things you didn’t agree on in the first place.  Do they think I don’t read? Do they really think my time is worth less than theirs.  I’m thinking about sending an invoice for all the time I spend fixing other businesses bills.  And while I’m at it I may as well send them all of my junk mail garbage.  Maybe they have kids that like to play office.



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