Fraudsters Undeterred by IRS’s New Security Measures

The Internal Revenue Service’s new security measures this tax season to counter identity theft and tax fraud appear to be having little impact so far on criminals, according to a security expert who monitors the online chat rooms where fraudsters swap taxpayers sensitive personal and financial information.

Source: Fraudsters Undeterred by IRS’s New Security Measures


Beware fraudsters are at it again this tax season. Here’s a summary of the 2 main types of scams listed in the article.

Doxx and Fullz scam- “The underground has already had evasion methodologies and practice for years where it’s just considered part of the hack to pull a background report and profile, what they call ‘doxxing,’” he said. “In the underground the slang term for a record of information—name, date of birth, Social Security Number, mother’s maiden name, address—that’s called ‘fullz.’ In order to fully utilize the fullz, they need to doxx their fullz, and once they doxx the fullz, then they have a profile that they can use to be able to answer any verification questions.”

The Doxx and Fullz hackers are being monitoring on the underground forums.

IRS impersonators – Then there are still a different set of scammers who are “calling taxpayers pretending to be from the IRS and harassing them into making payments.”

Be safe with your personal information this tax season. There are plenty of scammers out there looking to take what they can from
you. Click link above to read full article.


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2 Responses to Fraudsters Undeterred by IRS’s New Security Measures

  1. I think people are quick to comply with anyone that phones saying that they are from the IRS (or ATO in Australia). Unfortunately some scammers have done their homework and are very good at sounding like the real deal. Hopefully people are getting more aware these days and exercising their right to check the phone call is legitimate and return the call later once they know it actually is the IRS.

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    • I agree. Sadly, many people I know have received such calls. Perhaps that is why I try to educate as many people as possible so that others won’t feel vulernable and will know how to handle the scammers rather than fall prey to their scam.

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