Online Excel Training Course (CPE)

I’m pleased to recommend an online Excel training course designed specifically for accountants.

Excel University is designed and taught by award-winning instructor Jeff Lenning CPA. It focuses specifically on the Excel features, functions, and techniques useful to acc
ounting professionals. Since the topics are relevant to the accounting community, the training is practical and the concepts are easily applied to your workbooks.


What will you learn? You’ll learn how to get your Excel tasks done more quickly, how to save time, and how to automate your recurring-use workbooks.

Course Format

The online course is taught through lecture videos, homework activities, and quizzes. A passing score of 70% unlocks the certificate of completion.
The Excel University format combines the best elements of traditional CPE delivery methods, including live seminars, webinars, and self-study. Similar to live education, you can ask the instructor questions at any time in the moderated discussion forums. Similar to webinars, you can learn at your desk. And similar to self-study, you can work at your own pace, pausing and replaying the videos as needed.

This is a unique training format for CPE and it is the most effective way to learn Excel.


Jeff Lenning, CPA and Microsoft Certified Trainer, has taught thousands of CPAs and accounting professionals how to streamline their work by using Excel more effectively. He is a dynamic instructor and many of his Excel articles have been featured in accounting publications such as the Journal of Accountancy.


If you are sincere about improving your Excel skills, learn more about Excel University by clicking the link below.

Heather Durnin, CPA, CFE
Click here to go to Excel University

Click this link to try a free evaluation course on Pivot Tables that qualifies for 0.5 cpes.


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