Try Yearli for W-2, 1099 and ACA Filing

I use Yearli to file W-2 & 1099 forms for my business and I thought you might like it too. Best of all, you will get 15% off all your W-2 and 1099 filings just because I referred you. All you have to do is enter the code when you file your forms to receive the discount. Click here for 15% off code.  The following is more information about the services Yearli provides.


Welcome to Yearli, by Greatland


Yearli is a complete federal, state and recipient W-2 and 1099 reporting platform designed to help you generate, file, print and mail all related forms. Yearli has three options designed to fit your budget and business needs.

What’s New: Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting information is available.

Yearli Performance and Yearli Desktop Helps You Meet
IRS Requirements in Five Easy Steps

The IRS has identified two requirements for ACA Reporting:

  • File to IRS (must e-file if over 250)
  • Send copies to recipients/employees
Due Date Requirements
February 1, 2016 Form 1095 copies to Recipients/Employees
February 29, 2016 Paper Copies of Form 1095 to IRS
March 31, 2016 E-file Form 1095 to IRS

Yearli’s Easy 5-Step ACA Reporting Process:

  • Create Yearli Performance Account or Purchase Yearli Desktop Software
  • Import or Enter 1095 Data
  • Complete Transmittal (if Applicable)
  • Edit and / or Review Data
  • Submit E-File to IRS and Mail Copies to Employees

About HDA Consulting, LLC

HDA Consulting LLC provides a variety of accounting services including; forensic & litigation consulting, fraud & embezzlement investigation, payroll & tax. Try TSheets
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